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  • Why Do You Groom a Horse

    When I introduce people to my horses we almost always take the time to groom them. The people like it and the horses do too! One question I always ask people is, “Why do we groom a horse?” Most people respond by saying to make it look nice which is without a doubt the most…

  • Most Horses Don’t Have Trauma

    But They Sometimes Act Like They Do I spent five years working with a psychologist teaching veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) how to self-regulate through the practice of mindfulness. I came to understand the nature of the trauma condition and its main symptoms. When I started working with horses I was fascinated by…

  • Anger is Never the Answer

    I once saw a woman have a melt-down on her horse. The horse nipped her. While this was unacceptable behaviour on the part of the horse it was no surprise it happened. That horse had been trying to tell the woman it was uncomfortable with the situation but she just was’t listening. So while the…

  • Video Post – Mounted Archery

    Video Post – Mounted Archery

    Mounted Archery is one example of connection to the point of unity. The rider is focused on sending the arrow to its target and has relinquished responsibility for maintaining direction and speed to the horse. It is unity achieved through mutual understanding, trust, and respect. This is one reason I have chosen it as the…

  • Training the Horse is Not Enough

    Training the Horse is Not Enough

    You have to train the person too. Mark Rashid (pictured above) is one of my favourite authors. If you have had an opportunity to see a professional horse handler like him in action, like me, you may be amazed at how a horse that is unmanageable for its owner can instantly become calm and responsive…

  • Horse Handling – The Fundamentals

    Horse Handling – The Fundamentals

    Fundamental horse handling skills permit the human handler to control the movement of the horse without endangering themselves or the animal. In the beginning it is best to learn and practice these skills from the ground. They are directly transferable to work from the saddle. The basic skills (maneuvers) to be mastered include: the horse…

  • Understanding Horses

    Understanding Horses

    Is The Most Important Part of Handling Them It is completely beyond the scope of this post to help you understand a horse’s mind. What I hope to do is leave you with an understanding of how important it is that you do. Attempting to do anything with a horse without understanding how they think…

  • It’s About the Horse

    It’s About the Horse

    One of my favourite horse movies is Hidalgo. There is one unforgettable scene that characterizes the type of relationship I would like to have with my horses. The setting is a a 3000 mile endurance race across the Arabian Peninsula. At one check station the Sheik’s daughter asks Frank Hopkins how he tamed Hidalgo. Princess:…

  • My Horses

    My Horses

    My horses are very dear to me and have been my greatest teachers. Their stories reflect the relationship they have formed with me, but, as you read them, perhaps you will find yourself intrigued by some aspect of their character that will serve as a point of entry for you to foster your own connection…

  • My Story

    My Story

    I grew up, like many people I suspect, with a very romantic notion of horses. My dreams were filled with images of me galloping across the plains on my trusty stallion. The Lone Ranger was my hero.