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Understanding Horses

Is The Most Important Part of Handling Them

It is completely beyond the scope of this post to help you understand a horse’s mind. What I hope to do is leave you with an understanding of how important it is that you do. Attempting to do anything with a horse without understanding how they think and how they behave is asking for trouble. At the very least it will leave you frustrated and confused.

A relationship with a horse is no different than a relationship with another person. A healthy relationship is supported by a lot of empathy and understanding. We certainly need both when working with horses. What makes it challenging is that in many ways horses have been programmed by evolution to think very differently than we do. If we want to to understand them we need to learn how they think. This is the work of a lifetime.

The other night I watched the Ted Lasso episode where he said something to the effect that Rather than judging a person you are having trouble related to, try being curious about them. Get to know them and understand where they are coming from. It struck me that this is exactly what we need to do in our relationships with horses. Sure you can ride a horse without understanding it. Lots of people do, but in my opinion it is a bit of an empty experience.


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