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It’s About the Horse

Princess: It is said that you captured him in the wild Badlands. How did you tame him?

Frank: I didn’t.

This quote speaks directly to my training philosophy. I would like to be able to teach the horse be my willing partner without relinquishing its unique identity and its spirit.

Horses have served human kind for thousands of years. Until very recently they were critical to our ability to survive and prosper – carrying us from place to place, working our fields, and even fighting in our wars. Now of course we have machinery to do all of that and our dependance on the horse is optional. I like to think that the horse has done its duty to humankind and in this day and age the focus in the equine/human relationship can be more about the horse than about the person.

By adopting an attitude where we put the welfare of the horse first we stand to gain a lot. As I hope to demonstrate in my writings, the qualities that make a great horse handler, also make a great human. If we learn to treat these animals in the manner they deserve we will become better people. We will become more aware, more respectful, more compassionate, and kinder.

Being a good horsewoman or man begins by taking the time to know and understand horses. Almost all of the premeinent natural horse handlers stress the importance of treating our interactions with the horse as a partnership, where horse and handler act together through mutual choice.

This is a departure from former horse handling practices where the needs of the human were always put first. Training methods where the establishment of respect is replaced by the installation of fear are favoured and are in some cases, inhumane. Very often the horse is trained into submission and becomes a dull non-thinking automaton.

Emphasis on the horse part of the equine-human relationship is the defining element of my my horse training philosophy and the basis for my desire to: “to teach humans to understand and communicate with horses to form a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.”

I feel privilege to be able to work with horses. I have come to respect these amazing animals immensely and do my best to let them know.


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  1. I love this article. Hidalgo is also a favorite of mine. The mutual love and respect between them was amazing. The truly accepted one another and what a lesson this is for all of us.
    The relationship between man or woman and horse has the potential to be the greatest ever were man to take the time to truly cherish the horse, his wisdom, power, and innate ability to connect on a higher level than mere human. The horse is our teacher in so many ways. I consider it a privilege and honor to be in their presence. Thank you Brendon for sharing your love for horses, your life lessons, and most of all for sharing your horses!!

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