Unity Horsemanship

Connecting Humanity to Horses

Author: brendonabram

  • Sugar Shack Open House

    Sugar Bush Open House Saturday April 1st from 10 AM to 2 PM WHEN You are welcome to come anytime between 10 AM and 2 PM on Saturday April 1st and stay for as long as you like:) WHERE Sugar Bush Entrance opposite 104 Goodrich Road. Take foot bridge across ditch on south side of […]

  • Horses are Therapeutic – Anna DK

    I had such an incredible experience. Brendon is so knowledgeable and engaging, I could listen to his wisdom for hours. Getting to know and work with Danny and the other members of the herd was a beautiful and humbling experience; they each have such big, lovely, and unique personalities. This was such a fun, educational, […]

  • Eternally Grateful – Ed Babineau

    I met Brendon through yoga at his studio.  I found him knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding.  Last year I suffered a heart attack and had to adjust my sails, so to speak.  Part of my recovery was learning to deal with stress as a serving military member.  My wife told me about Brendon’s Equine Therapy.  I […]

  • Why Do You Groom a Horse

    When I introduce people to my horses we almost always take the time to groom them. The people like it and the horses do too! One question I always ask people is, “Why do we groom a horse?” Most people respond by saying to make it look nice which is without a doubt the most […]

  • Most Horses Don’t Have Trauma

    But They Sometimes Act Like They Do I spent five years working with a psychologist teaching veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) how to self-regulate through the practice of mindfulness. I came to understand the nature of the trauma condition and its main symptoms. When I started working with horses I was fascinated by […]

  • Anger is Never the Answer

    I once saw a woman have a melt-down on her horse. The horse nipped her. While this was unacceptable behaviour on the part of the horse it was no surprise it happened. That horse had been trying to tell the woman it was uncomfortable with the situation but she just was’t listening. So while the […]

  • More Than I Expected! – Katie McVety

    I stumbled upon the Equine Mindfulness Program and was not entirely sure what I had gotten myself into when I signed up, but I quickly realized that I had found exactly what I didn’t know I needed.  I have learned more about horses AND myself than I ever expected.  Brendon tailors each session to meet […]

  • Horses are Mindful! – Dr Patricia Conroy

    Brendon has developed an excellent Equine Facilitated Mindfulness program. It showcases a deep understanding of horsemanship and mindfulness. He is able to teach both horsemanship and mindfulness skills in such a safe and simplified manner that allowed me to easily increase my confidence around horses while also providing valuable mindfulness skills to aid in relaxation, positive thinking, […]

  • A Wonderful Learning Experience – Jenny Lynn

    I’ve learned so much about horsemanship and mindfulness through this course. Brendon and Danny were wonderful teachers and I looked forward to every session Jenny

  • Video Post – Mounted Archery

    Video Post – Mounted Archery

    Mounted Archery is one example of connection to the point of unity. The rider is focused on sending the arrow to its target and has relinquished responsibility for maintaining direction and speed to the horse. It is unity achieved through mutual understanding, trust, and respect. This is one reason I have chosen it as the […]