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In these posts I will share my experiences working with horses. Without a doubt, my greatest teachers have been my horses. When learning to relate to horses the most important thing to do is to get out and interact with them. Know from the beginning that you will make mistakes and that this is OK as long as you learn from them. I truly believe that my biggest mistakes have provided me with my greatest opportunities to learn and grow as a horse handler.

My writings are also inspired by the wisdom of natural horsemen and women whom I have come to respect through their offerings. I have read a lot of books and watched a lot of videos and find that I relate most to the teachings of Jonathon Field, Cherry Hill, Warwick Schiller, Mark Rashid, Buck Brannaman, and Ray Hunt. In my opinion each of these horse training experts have a great philosophy when it comes to working with horses. One that is based on kindness and mutual trust and respect.

I hope you enjoy sharing my thoughts. I welcome your questions and comments.


  • My Story

    My Story

    I grew up, like many people I suspect, with a very romantic notion of horses. My dreams were filled with images of me galloping across the plains on my trusty stallion. The Lone Ranger was my hero.

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  • Video Post – Mounted Archery

    Video Post – Mounted Archery

    Mounted Archery is one example of connection to the point of unity. The rider is focused on sending the arrow to its target and has relinquished responsibility for maintaining direction and speed to the horse. It is unity achieved through mutual understanding, trust, and respect. This is one reason I have chosen it as the…

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  • A Wonderful Learning Experience – Jenny Lynn

    I’ve learned so much about horsemanship and mindfulness through this course. Brendon and Danny were wonderful teachers and I looked forward to every session Jenny

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  • Horses are Mindful! – Dr Patricia Conroy

    Brendon has developed an excellent Equine Facilitated Mindfulness program. It showcases a deep understanding of horsemanship and mindfulness. He is able to teach both horsemanship and mindfulness skills in such a safe and simplified manner that allowed me to easily increase my confidence around horses while also providing valuable mindfulness skills to aid in relaxation, positive thinking,…

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