Unity Horsemanship

Connecting Humanity to Horses

Horsemanship 101

Horsemanship 101 lessons are $30 an hour. Horses are provided. It takes most people five to eight sessions to become comfortable with safely handling a horse from the ground.

If you are interested, please call or text Brendon at 613-438-9642

Horsemanship 101 Program Outline

Horsemanship 101 is a series of lessons that will allow you to confidently and safely control the movement of the horse on the ground. It combines the horse training techniques with the principles of horsemanship to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to handle a horse.


Session 1 – Safety First

Session 2 – Establishing Trust

Session 3 – Gaining Respect – Be the Leader Your Horse Needs

Session 4 – Communication – Intent and the Use of Pressure

Session 5 – Communication – Drive and Draw

 Session 6 – Reinforcing Trust – Desensitization Exercises

Session 7 – Putting it all Together

Horse Handling Assessment