Unity Horsemanship

Equine Relationship Coaching


Why Practice Mindfulness With Horses?

Horses are always in the present moment. Simply spending time with these amazing animals can help us be there too. As a long-time mindfulness practitioner, I am continually amazed at the many parallels between working with horses and practicing mindfulness. Horses have taught me the true meaning of connection and how to completely experience the freedom of the present moment.

Who Can Do This?

Maybe you are looking for peace and contentment through the practice of mindfulness. Maybe you already work with horses and want to deepen your connection with them. It doesn’t matter who you are, or if you have had any prior experience with either horses or mindfulness. Anybody can practice mindfulness with horses. You don’t need to ride a horse to connect with it. In fact, building a mindful relationship with a horse begins on the ground.

Equine Facilitated Mindfulness sessions are $30 an hour. If you are interested in giving it a try, please call or text 613-438-9642