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Category: Testimonial

  • Horses are Therapeutic – Anna DK

    I had such an incredible experience. Brendon is so knowledgeable and engaging, I could listen to his wisdom for hours. Getting to know and work with Danny and the other members of the herd was a beautiful and humbling experience; they each have such big, lovely, and unique personalities. This was such a fun, educational, […]

  • Eternally Grateful – Ed Babineau

    I met Brendon through yoga at his studio.  I found him knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding.  Last year I suffered a heart attack and had to adjust my sails, so to speak.  Part of my recovery was learning to deal with stress as a serving military member.  My wife told me about Brendon’s Equine Therapy.  I […]

  • More Than I Expected! – Katie McVety

    I stumbled upon the Equine Mindfulness Program and was not entirely sure what I had gotten myself into when I signed up, but I quickly realized that I had found exactly what I didn’t know I needed.  I have learned more about horses AND myself than I ever expected.  Brendon tailors each session to meet […]

  • Horses are Mindful! – Dr Patricia Conroy

    Brendon has developed an excellent Equine Facilitated Mindfulness program. It showcases a deep understanding of horsemanship and mindfulness. He is able to teach both horsemanship and mindfulness skills in such a safe and simplified manner that allowed me to easily increase my confidence around horses while also providing valuable mindfulness skills to aid in relaxation, positive thinking, […]

  • A Wonderful Learning Experience – Jenny Lynn

    I’ve learned so much about horsemanship and mindfulness through this course. Brendon and Danny were wonderful teachers and I looked forward to every session Jenny